Educational App

Translate Middle Egyptian words to English in a few clicks. Completely offline!

New Features:

-HIEROGLYPHIC KEYBOARD : Easy to use custom-made keyboard (contains most glyphs and their variants).

-SEARCH HISTORY: No need to "retype" words you already searched.

-ALTERNATE VERSIONS: If you didn't find the word you were looking for, the app replaces glyphs with their variants.

-REVERSE DICTIONARY: Want to find the egyptian translation of a modern word? You just have to type it!

-SECONDARY LANGUAGES: The main dictionary is in english but not everyone can read that language perfectly. You can now choose between 11 languages*. When you do a search, the english translation will show as usual but you will also have an automated translation using the chosen secondary language. You can also translate to Middle Egyptian from this secondary language! This functionality do NOT require an active internet connection.

-Many more features coming soon (incomplete words, search for royal names, etc.)

*French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew.


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Windows :

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(Requires Windows 7 and up)