Secret Words

Word Game


Type of game : Word game

In the middle of the desert, in a secret oasis, lies a lost temple. A legend says that a treasure awaits anyone able to open the countless chests that contain it. But beware : the temple is under the protection of the ancient gods and the remnants of their magic could prevent you from completing your quest. Don't dispair though. Sentenced to watch over the treasure without ever touching it, the mysterious gardian is ready to help you. The divine gold has been resting in the shadow of the temple for millennia. Will you be the first one to seize it?


-45 themes, 1350 handpicked words (to avoid non-existent examples or words from other languages).

-4 game modes :





-3 levels of difficulty : Bronze, Silver and Gold (words get more complicated, become less common, modes are faster, etc.)

-Not time-gated by lives : you play as much as you want.

-8 optional mini-games to help you reveal a clue if you can't find the word.

-Online saved games.

-Trophies & Leaderboard.

The game is free but can pay to remove the ads or buy extra gold coins. The ads will appear once every five games and never during play.


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(Requires Android 4.1 and up)

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(Requires iOS 10.0 and up)

Windows :

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(Requires Windows 7 and up)