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The login system is different. What is going on?

The company that provided the server used to store your progress has purchased (and closed) by Amazon.

As a result, I had to look for alternatives. After carefully examining them, it became apparent that the Epic Online Services were the best choice. They provide most of the features that the old system provided and add a few more (Voice and Text Chat, Lobbies, etc.). Not all of the new features will be there at the start, but expect them to be added regularly.

Instead of reusing the confusing AncientGamesID system, I chose to do as the other game studio do and use Social Logins. This way you do not have to remember your ID and you can use your social network accounts seamlessly. Please make sure that you only use one login provider across all your devices (if you sign in with Facebook on one device, your account will be tied to that Facebook account so you won't be able to login to it using Apple Sign-In for example).Your Social Logins are handled directly by Facebook, Apple and Google and I do not have access to your passwords

Also, keep in mind that Apple and Google Play Games are plateform specific. If you only use iOS devices, you can safely use Apple Sign-In, but that account will not be accessible on Android devices and Google Play Games accounts will not be available on iOS devices. For players using both iOS and Android devices, I suggest you use Facebook Sign-In.

What is a Local Account

If you do not want to use a Social Login, you can still use the game and all the features by using a Local Account. Instead of having your account tied to your social identity, it will simply be attached to your device ID. Since it is not linked to an external system, your progress will be lost if you uninstall the game or loose access to your device. I will be able to restore your purchases IF you keep the receipt sent by Apple / Google after you have purchased something from the in-game store.

You will also not be able to login from different device using a Local Account. If you want to use the same game account on your iPhone and your iPad for example, you need to use a Social Login.

How do I create an account?

Simply choose between Social Login and Local Account and everything will be taken care of for you behind the scenes. You will only have to set a few things and choose a name but an in-game system will guide you through it.

What about my old progress?

It is not lost as long as you have your AncientGamesID. In most cases, the game will import your data automatically and seamlessly. If that is not the case, simply go to the Options Menu. In the Social Tab, select "Import Old Account", enter your AncientGamesID and click on continue.

The dice feels like it is cheating, is it ?

It is not :) The monetization is not tied to your victory / loss ratio, so I do not really care if you win or loose (Obviously I hope you win!). I have written a full article on the subject here and plan on updating it soon.

Is the Player vs Player gone?

No, but it is disabled for now. The migration between the old server and the new is an intense affair that I have been working on for months. The PvP part of the game is entirely dependant on the server so I decided to disable it until I am sure the migration went well. But do not worry, it should not be long : most of the work needed is done so it will be back quickly, in better shape than it was : matchmaking is gone. Instead, you will be able to create lobbies (called Taverns to stay on theme) with filters to play with friends or unknown players.

Should I use the Ancient Games app or the individual game apps?

I would suggest to use the Ancient Games app. It contains all the games in one convenient app (which reduces the storage space required). The individual apps are only lite versions of the game, upgrading to the Ancient Games app will unlock a lot more content (PvP*, Collectibles, Challenges, etc.). It will also make it easier for you to stay up-to-date.

The individual apps used to be fully fledged apps but since the new login system is much more restrictive, it was too complicated to have a unified account across multiple apps on multiple plateforms. This change allows me to focus on the games rather than spending all my time checking if nothing broke because of the latest change in each app and on each plateform. For the players, it does not change the experience : simply login to the Ancient Games app and you will be able to play just as you did. Of course, no account system in the individual apps means no progress or access to the collectibles and purchases outside of the Ancient Games app.

What are the Game Editions?

The basic version of the game is completely free, but you will be served an ad after the game is over. While they will NEVER show up during the game and they are skippable after a few seconds, ads are not great. If I could avoid having them, I would, but sadly I need to eat and making (and updating) these games is not free. So for the players who want to remove those ads, they can do so by going to the Market and purchasing one of the Game Editions.

The Mortal Edition simply removes the ads and grants the player an exclusive recolor of the Basic Appearance Set and ten Challenge Tokens (see "What are the Challenges?")

The Heroic Edition removes the ads, grants the Mortal and the Heroic Sets and 25 Challenge Tokens. Your XP and Amulets gains will also be multiplied by 3.

The Divine Edition removes the ads, grants the Mortal, the Heroic and the Divine Sets and 50 Challenge Tokens. Your XP and Amulets gains will also be multiplied by 5.

Games Editions only work for the game they were purchased from (and if the game is the active game in the Ancient Games app).

What are the DLCs?

These are Expansion Packs that had optional thematic content. Each DLC contains 4 thematic Appearance Sets and Challenges. For example, the Dawn of Civilization DLC contains the Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek and Roman Sets and the Birth of Ra, Wrath of Enlil, Fury of Zeus and Might of Mars Challenges. Unlike Game Editions, DLCs are unlocked across all the games once purchased. If you purchase one in the Royal Game of Ur, it will also be unlocked in Senet and all future games.

What are the Challenges?

Challenges are extra game modes. They use the basic rules for the game, but add a custom variant. In Birth of Ra, the board starts empty and you need to throw a 1 to spawn a game piece for example. They are tied to a DLC and will be permanently unlocked if you purchase it. If you do not want or can not purchase the DLC, you can still use Challenge Tokens to play them.

Challenge Tokens are earned by filling the Amulet Bar at the end of the game. Once it is complete, you will either get extra XP or Challenge Tokens.

What about the Campaign?

Campaigns follow the theme of the latest DLC but are completely free. You progress in the map by winning games against real players in Player vs Player mode. Once the Campaign is completed, you earn the associated Appearance Set and can continue to the next one (if it is available already).

Why are there multiple rulesets (for Royal Game of Ur)?

History is dangerous, most things don't survive it. With games this old, it is rare to have a full ruleset. Archeologists and specialists have proposed multiple reconstructions of those rules and players have adopted one or the other as the "real one".

I discovered the Royal Game of Ur before I had the chance to learn about Professor Finkel's work so I learned to play the game with another ruleset (from Damian Walker). Some players have complained (some more politely than others) about the fact that I didn't use Pr. Finkel's rules. Other players were happy that I chose what they considered the real rules.

So in the end, I decided to add both. Go to Options and choose between "Walker" and "Finkel".

Is this real 3D?

Yes and no. All the models you see are real 3D models that I design and texturize myself. I pre-render them and export the result in a 2D file that you see when you play? Why? I love gorgeous looking games, but these can be heavy on low-end devices (which the vast majority of players use) and it didn't seem fair to prevent them from playing because they couldn't afford / don't want better devices. My Ancient Games are designed to run on most devices. Since it is pre-rendered, the quality does not affect the performances much.

How many Ancient Games are planned?

For now, Senet, the Royal Game of Ur and XII Scripta are available to play. Puluc the next game is almost ready. In the end, 40 games will be available in the collection.

Are the games available on different platforms?

Currently, the games are only available on Google Play and the App Store. But I plan on releasing them on Mac and PC (through the Epic Games Store) at some point.