Ancient Games

Five thousand years of board games

are waiting for you

History has left us with countless traces of the people that came before us : their ruins, statues, texts, weapons. We know about their battles, their kingdoms and their palaces, but we often overlook their daily lives.

This collection lets you enjoy the games they played. Just close your eyes, imagine you are on the banks of the river Nile 5000 years ago and throw the dice. The games of this collection are incredibly old but they still play very well today. Of course, modern players expect different things so I have added features such as progression, customization, cloudsave, alternate rulesets and much more.

Discover Ancient Games remade for modern gamers.

Many Games, One Account

The Ancient Games collection might be made of many games, but they are treated as one.
Your progress is tied to your account rather than to a specific game. If you earn gold coins in Senet, you will be able to use them in XII Scripta.
Every experience point earned, every reward unlocked, every Expansion Pack purchased will be accessible from every game.

Play from Anywhere, On Anything

The games are fully cross-platform. It doesn't matter if your opponent plays on an iPhone and you use an Android device. You will be able to challenge each other seemlessly.
At the moment, the games are only available on Android and iOS, but the Windows and Mac versions are in the works. Who knows, someday you might even be able to play on a PlayStation, a Switch or an XBox!
Although some features require to be online to use, you can play against the computer or another player in Local Mode while offline.

Play Alone, Against Friends or Random Players from Around the World

Each game has the "traditional" version of the rules (or at least the most played reconstruction of the rules if they have been lost).
You can play against the computer (Easy, Normal and Hard modes) or a real player. You will be able to challenge the players in your friend list or be automatically matched with other players.

Challenges : a Game Changer

In addition to the traditional rules, you will also find variants called Challenges.
They change a key element of the game to add a bit of difficulty and freshness. Each Expansion Pack adds 4 new Challenges. You can read more about them in the Expansion Packs section of the website.

Everything Can Be Customized

You like collecting things, this is the collection for you!
Each games have around 40 thematic board sets (containing a board, dice, pawns and a nameplate). Some can be unlocked by gaining levels or achieving a certain level of victories. Other can be purchased with the gold coins you earn by playing. Specific sets are tied to the Campaign, a PvP progression system. And each Expansion Packs adds four additional Sets.
All those sets can be mixed together to create unique combinations. You can even reorganize the playing area elements' position and size to fit your needs.

Supports Several Languages

The games are available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Turkish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Russian, Dutch and Ukrainian.
I am a small independant developer so I can't afford all of these translations. Thankfully, the community around the games is amazing and all these have been gifts from players.
(If you want to help, you are welcome! You'll get all Expansion Packs and the Divine Edition for life as a thank you!)

Free-To-Play, Premium Optional

If you want to play the basic version of the game, you won't have to spend a cent on the game. You'll simply have to watch an advertissement after the game (and you will get gold coins as a reward
Of course, developing games isn't free so I still need to make a few bucks. This is where Expansion Packs and Game Editions come into play. They are completely optional.
Expansion Packs add 4 thematic Board Sets and 4 Challenges
Games Editions are subscriptions that removes ads, double or triple amulets and experience points