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Terms of Use

As long as you remain in compliance with these terms, you are granted access to the Ancient Games service. This access is non-transferable, non-sublicensable and revocable.

You may not sell, rent or give away your account.

All graphic elements and lines of code are protected by copyright laws. You may not use them outside of the apps without my express consent.

Streaming the games on streaming plateforms is allowed and encouraged.

Your account will be terminated and all its data deleted (including purchases with no compensation) if you:

-Acquire premium items illegally.

-Modify the code in order to gain advantages in the game or unlock rewards or in any other way that wasn't intended by me.

-Use parts of the code or the graphics outside the games.

-Cheat or abuse game mechanics or exploit bugs.

-Keep on being rude while in contact with the player support service after being warned. A real person reads your email, respect them.

-Fail to comply with these terms of use.

Illegal or improper use of the Ancient Games service will result in legal action.

Considered current as of March 13th, 2021.