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Origin : Ancient Egypt, circa 3100 B.C.

Type of game : Race game. The goal is to bring the pawns from start to finish before the other player can do the same.

History : The game seem to appear during Predynastic Egypt (before the reign of the first pharaoh) even though the first definitive evidence dates from the Old Kingdom. It was very popular and played by rich (on beautiful boards) and poor (with makeshift boards) alike. During the New Kingdom, a spiritual meaning was added to the game. The path followed by the game pieces was compared to the journey of the ka (part of the soul) in the afterlife.


Rule variants added with the Expansion Packs

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logo Birth of Ra

You need to throw a 1 to make a pawn enter the board.

logo Wrath of Enlil

Every 90 seconds, Enlil floods the board, sending unprotected pawns back.

logo Fury of Zeus

Zeus is restless and fires a thunderbolt on random squares.

logo Might of Mars

Mars turns the board into a battlefield and hides traps. Avoid them.

logo Immortal Souls

All Pawns are safe from capture.

logo Depth of the Earth

Tunnels leading to random exits appear all around the board.

logo Rage of the Vanquished

A captured pawn can move twice as far the next time it is played.

logo Dragon Heist

Capture more treasures than your enemy before the dragon Fafnir wakes.

logo Sleeping Gargoyles

The enemy pawns are sleeping until one of your pawns wakes it.

logo Djinn's Games

A Djinn plays a trick on you : the board is upside down.

logo Flowers of Creation

Ignore your enemy, the Flowers are what you seek.

logo Danse Macabre

Depending on your place in the Danse, you will start with 5 to 9 pawns.

logo Curse of Stone

Movement will petrify a pawn. The curse lasts as long as the dice allowed it to move.

logo Enigms of the Sphinx

If you want to capture your prey, complete the trial of the Sphinx.

logo Blessing of the Phoenix

If you are blessed, you will play again. Otherwise, you will loose your turn.

logo Shadows on the Styx

You only have one pawn, but you must defeat countless Shades.

logo Altars of Quetzalcoatl

An Altar must be occupied in order to be able to roll more than 1.

logo Sacrifice of Blood

Capturing a pawn grants you an additional turn.

logo City of Gold

Gather more gold than your opponent but be careful, the city has its own defenses.

logo Fountain of Youth

Each time a player drinks from the Fountain, one of his enemy's born off pawns comes back.


Empower your pawns and smite your enemies.

Base Game

logo Relic of Heh

Pawns capture by this Relic are frozen in time for 3 turns.

logo Relic of Set

Pawns captured by this Relic are sent to a random square.

logo Relic of Hathor

Each time this Relic moves, another pawns follows.

logo Relic of Ra

Capturing this Relic blinds the opponent for 3 turns.


logo Relic of Hapi

When this Relic moves, its starting square becomes a marsh, drawning the pawns that stop there.
Requires "Dawn of Civilization"

logo Relic of the Mage

When captured, this Relic turns back time, sending all pawns one square back.
Requires "Fantastic Worlds"

logo Relic of the Knight

This Relic captures all the pawns on its path unless they are protected.
Requires "Medieval Wonders"

logo Relic of the Minotaur

Pawns close to this Relic are lost and will ignore the results of the dice.
Requires "Children of Myths"

logo Relic of the Sunstone

If this Relic is captured 3 times, it is automatically borne off the board.
Requires "Fall of Man"